• Dan Palmer


Updated: Jun 3, 2020

32A District Court has had to institute some recent courtroom changes to adapt to Michigan’s new social distancing rules. We currently hold virtual hearings to conduct most of our day-to-day business. Attorneys and their clients, court staff, and I all rely on Zoom, a video conferencing app, as our primary communication tool, but we also use phone conferencing and YouTube livestreams to run other court proceedings.

It probably won’t be business as usual for a while inside our courtroom, but there are some positives from using this technology. More communication between the court and the litigants is one thing that has changed for the better. Another thing is efficiency: Virtual hearings take less time for the people participating, and some other daily challenges—such as finding public transportation to get to court—have been eliminated.

Like most people working from their homes and apartments, our adjustment period to this new normal has been tough, but I’m proud of how the court has responded and impressed with what we have accomplished so far.

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